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Patient Stories

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I have so many Good things to say about Dr. Creech and staff. My latest results were with K-Laser for chronic tendinitis in both elbows and knee pain. I was very skeptical but decided to go for it. Amazing results, left elbow 100% pain free after 6 treatments, right elbow took longer as pain was severe, 15 treatments, 100% pain free. I did 6 treatments on severe knee pain due to arthritis and that was reduced 50%.<br />
I'm not skeptical any longer, it's worth having done without pain killers, which I won't take. Thank you Dr Creech and Fran!!!!
Posted By: Cheri
My entire family has been going to Dr. Creech for many years. His staff is very professional, friendly and extremely helpful. They have laser treatments that have helped my knee tremendously. I was having a hard time walking with my knee because there was so much pain. The laser treatments, along with Dr. Creech's alignments, have allowed me to walk without pain in my knee. My husband was also in a bad car accident and has been helped so much by Dr. Creech to get back to his normal, pre-accident state. Our daughter also sees Dr. Creech for neck & back problems and has also seen much improvement since starting @ Creech Chiropractic. We would recommend Creech Chiropractic to anyone.
Posted By: J. P. Age 54
While visiting family in NC,we both felt like we needed an adjustment from a chiropractor. We made an appt with Dr. Creech and will never regret going .We have been chiropractic patients back in Ohio for many years and are very familiar with chiropractic health. We both believe it was the best treatment we have ever received and we are very happy with our doctor at home! We were told whenever we are in the area feel free to call for an appointment . Thank you so much for taking care of someone you know will never be a routine patient !
Posted By: Bob and. Stephanie Roth
This past Sunday, July 12, my daughter, Nancy, and I succeeded in climbing one of the 14ers in Colorado. We climbed Grays Mountain to the top at 14,270 feet. It involved 5.5 hours climb to the top and 3 hours down. The decent was more taxing on my body muscles than the climb. All of the work you have done on my frame really paid off. I never once had a problem with my joints. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. The only major problem was oxygen supply. There is only 60% as much air up there which presents a tremendous physical challenge. The temperature in Denver was 92 degrees that day while the temperature on the mountain that morning was 39 degrees. The trail head at the start of our climb was at approximately 10,000 feet which gave us an elevation gain of a little more than 4,000 ft. At my age it takes a team of doctors and a gym to pull something like this off. Thanks for your help in the adventure.
Posted By: Paul Nelson
I have been seeing Dr. Creech for Chiropractic services for 7 years. His practice is wonderful. He is very thorough and kind. I am always in need of adjustment in part to one leg is a bit longer than the other. His office is great of about scheduling and helping out when I am in a pinch or need an adjustment quickly. He not only does adjustments, but he works on my right foot due to my planter fascitis. He sees everyone from time to time in my family and he works well with my special needs son who has Autism. Dr. Creech is great at his job and his adjustments keep me moving. I would highly recommend his practice!
Posted By: S. D.
I came to Creech Chiropractic over 2 years ago. I have struggled most of my adult life with terrible migraines that pulsate from the back of my neck to my forehead and right eye. I have been in a few car accidents, had babies and was a full time student for years, my posture was terrible. I have seen a chiropractor in my past. I couldn’t manage the pain anymore with pain killers. I was not living… I was just here! After the first few months my thinking was more clearer and pain was being managed without over the counter Tylenol, or other meds. Several months after I was migraine free!!! I could now care for my young children at the time without laying in bed all day. I was able to go to work without feeling like I wanted to be in bed due to my pain. I continue care at least once a month. Also because of having children my hips and body tends to lean towards the side I carried my babies on so as a part of my adjustments Dr. Creech helps align my hips and spine. If it wasn’t for my care with Creech Chiropractic I would be on multiple pain medicines and would not be active with my children. I am truly blessed.
Posted By: S. Williams
Had a great experience with Dr. Creech and his staff. Great office staff, friendly and inviting. As for results….I had an ACL surgery a few years ago, but due to sharp pain because of scar tissue and arthritis was limited with lifting and overall strength training. At my first visit, I shared with him what I was experiencing and Dr. Creech said that my knee was probably out of alignment. He also stated that this is a common occurrence in ACL surgeries, where the surgeon doesn’t fully align the knee during surgery. After seeing him for about a week and half and having him work on realigning my knee and hips, I have already increased my weight training by 50%! In addition, I have experienced a noticeable increase in overall balance and stability. As a former university athlete, I am physically feeling like I did before the surgery, which before seeing Dr. Creech didn’t think was going to be possible. Would highly recommend Dr. Creech and his office!
Posted By: J. VH
For the first 11 weeks of my daughter’s life she screamed LITERALLY 24/7. We took her to the doctor 13 times in the 11 weeks and saw several different doctors. They changed her formula and reflux medication multiple times and we saw no improvement. They told us we would just have to wait for her to grow out of it. A friend suggested I take her to see Dr.Creech, I didnt know much about chiropractors but I was willing to try anything. He noticed she had stiffness in her neck and wasnt turning it to the left. After our first three visits she slept through the night for the first time in 11 weeks and started moving her neck to both sides without pain! Her over all demenor changed 100%! Shes so much happier now. Dr. Creech is so wonderful with my daughter. Everytime we go we have a good experience. Everyone in his office is so kind. We’re so grateful for all they’ve done to help our daughter.
Posted By: T.S.
Dr. Creech has been great with my daughter Ellie. She went to him for mid-back pain she was having. He seems to have a great rapport with his patients. He has given her exercises to work on at home and we have realized with a posture and performance scan that she needs orthotics. I feel like she’s in great hands being with one of the only Sports Medicine and Pediatric certified chiropractors in the Triangle!
Posted By: R. Smith
Best I have felt in years! David Creech and his staff are the best in my book and would refer anyone to him. What are you waiting for? Stop looking and go!
Posted By: Bill T.
When I first came to Dr. Creech, I was in miserable shape. I couldn’t turn my neck much and my neck was very painful. I leaned to one side when I walked and I had a lot of trouble with arthritis. Dr. Creech gave me back my life! He got my back moving correctly and fixed the pain in my neck. He also gave me exercises to strengthen my back and neck so that I can remain stable. When I had my knee out of alignment, he was able to correct that and help me walk as good as new. I was amazed that Dr. Creech know so much about so many areas. He has helped me with quite a few different problems, and he dies it with a very caring spirit. I have been to other chiropractors in the past, but none of them helped me as much as Dr. Creech. I have total confidence in his expertise because I have seen wonderful results. Also, he has a fantastic and caring staff. I feel that in Dr. Creech I have a chiropractor that is truly caring about my problems and is not just doing the work for a living.
Posted By: J.C.
At age 17 I was injured during cheerleading practice when a team mate fell right on the top of my head, pushing my neck straight down. This happened twice in a few minutes. I was put in a collar and wore that a few days, but, never sought any further treatment. I had other incidents throughout the next twenty years or so, that gradually contributed to severe pain and limited range of motion in my neck and lower back. Now at age 42, I had constant pain in my neck and down both arms. I had recurring headaches as well. Severe dizziness would be an understatement! As far as my lower back, I have had pain shooting down my right leg that had become pretty much constant. On my left foot I noticed my toes were going numb. They felt like they were asleep all the time. This is when I decided to seek treatment. A friend recommended Dr. Creech and I am thrilled that she did. After just three adjustments, the numbing in my toes was gone! Also the pain in my neck has greatly diminished. I can turn my head further, in both directions, than I have been able to in years!!! My balance has improved greatly and my dizzy spells have greatly decreased. Everyday I notice things I can do now that I couldn’t do a couple of months ago. The staff is always friendly and willing to spend the time to answer my questions and help me in any way they can. If you are searching for a Chiropractor, you should give Dr. Creech a try. Oh, I forgot to mention, I drive an hour, one way, to see Dr. Creech and the treatment is well worth the drive! My mother is now a patient, and my son begins next month, as soon as school gets out.
Posted By: C.R.
I came to Dr. Creech because I was in enough pain that I was no longer sleeping well, spent my awake hours in pain as well. Pain that no amount of OTC pain killer could lessen. Of course, my issues didn’t develop overnight, but I will say that I felt remarkably better after only a few sessions. Most days I have no pain at all, I am sleeping better, and that has made my attitude about my life so much better. Day-in-day-out pain takes so much out of you. Let Dr. Creech help!
Posted By: C. Hall
My husband and I are frequent visitors to the chiropractor. We moved to Apex and found Dr. Creech and it has by far been the best chiropractic experience we have ever had!!! Dr. Creech and his staff are highly personable, genuinely caring, and extremely hospitable. I became pregnant with our first child last September, and went to Dr. Creech for adjustments regularly throughout my pregnancy. I didn’t have a single complication the entire pregnancy, and my son was in the correct birthing position and stayed that way – which I credit to my adjustments with Dr. Creech. I had no trouble sleeping, no sciatic nerve pain, not even back pain throughout my entire pregnancy! I was as active as I was before pregnancy, all the way until I delivered naturally at 40 weeks and 6 days. We brought our son to see Dr. Creech for his first adjustment the day we were discharged from the hospital, and he is seen regularly as well.
Our son got a cold/cough at 4 months old. He was miserable and congested, so we took him in to see our good friend Dr. Creech. After his adjustment my son turned into a leaky faucet of congestion, getting everything out of his system within the next few days and then being back to 100%! I highly recommend Dr. Creech to anyone I talk to in the Apex/Cary/Holly Springs/Raleigh area. We couldn’t be happier to have found him!
Posted By: C. Hagen
When our son was roughly 4 years old, he began experiencing a severe constipation problem. So severe was this problem that he would have a bowel movement once every 5 – 7 days. It was excruciating for us as parents to watch him go through this – the pain he experienced from all the unsuccessful attempts to pass the bowel and even worse, the pain he experienced when he finally had a movement.
We tried so many things to help our son with this problem, including frequent pediatrician visits, daily doses of Miralax, the use of suppositories and a visit to specialist at Duke Hospital. None of this solved the problem our son continued to experience.
Almost as an afterthought, we decided to take our son to see Dr. Creech. Literally one adjustment was all it took to resolve our son’s problem. Our son is now 12 and he continues to see Dr. Creech on a regular basis.
Posted By: J. J. Age 51
I called and spoke to Fran one afternoon and had a pleasant experience and by the time I got off the phone I had my first appointment scheduled that afternoon. Dr. Creech took x-rays and evaluated me and although I could barely walk he was able to narrow down my problem and scheduled an appointment to review my results. We met and Dr. Creech adjusted me, I was put on a 12-week plan of therapy and adjustments. Now, I am almost pain free and just visiting for regular wellness adjustments. Thanks Fran and Dr. Creech for your friendly faces and comfortable practice.
Posted By: M. D. Age 36
I am an exercise addict and have worked out with martial arts and various fitness exercises consistently since I was 16 yrs old, I am 54. Both of my knees have been well used, even overused. I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee in 1999. My left knee has begun to trouble me as well. My first treatment alleviated the pain in my knees greatly. I continue to train and since coming to Dr. Creech my mobility (range of motion) and ability to perform has improved 100%.
Posted By: A.T. Age 54
I have been having back pain for a few months now due to a few seizures that I have dealt with. These seizures caused my back to become tightened and in pain. With the adjustments Dr. Creech has given me, I have now been able to lie down without having much pain at all and it is so nice to be able to move around and not feel the pain that I once felt. The people here are all friendly and welcoming and I would recommend it to anyone.
Posted By: A. E. Age 19
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